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A Time of Gifts

Patrick Leigh

Between the Woods and the Water

Patrick Leigh

Tropic Temper: a Memory of Malaya

James Kirkup

Lonely Planet Journeys: Lost Japan

Alex Kerr

Dervish: Travels in Modern Turkey

Tim Kelsey

A strangers' Eye

Fergal Keane

Travels with Herodotus

Ryszard Kapuscinski

Roots Schmoots: Journeys Among Jews

Howard Jacobson

A Russian Journey

Alaric Jacob & Paul Hogarth

The Ascent of Everest

John Hunt

South of Lisbon

Frank E. Huggett

The Companion Guide to Venice

Hugh Honour

Farthest North: History of North Polar Explorations in Eye-witness Accounts

Clive Holland

Gondola, Gondolier

Timothy Holme

Black Earth City: A Year in Provincial Russia

Charlotte Hobson

Journey Through Europe

John Hillaby

Journey Through Britain

John Hillaby

The Kon-Tiki Expedition

Thor Heyerdahl

The Snow People

Marie Herbert

Playing the Moldovans at Tennis

Tony Hawks

Round Ireland with a Fridge

Tony Hawks

Extra Virgin: Amongst the Olive Groves of Liguria

Annie Hawes

Goodbye To Yorkshire

Roy Hattersley

South of Haunted Dreams

Eddy L. Harris

There's A Seal in my Sleeping Bag

Lyn Hancock

The Quest for Timbuctoo

Brian Gardner

One's Company : A Journey to China in 1933

Peter Fleming

The Snow Geese

William Fiennes

The London Nobody Knows

Geoffrey Fletcher

Exploration Fawcett

Percy Fawcett
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